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Skid Mounted Loading System

The skid mounted truck loading and unloading systems is Custody Transfer Systems for Gasoline, diesel, LPG,bio-fuels and chemicals. The skid-mounted loading station integrates the instruments and equipments in each loading position into a special frame structure. The framework of the loading system adopts the distributed control and centralized management mode, which is the most advanced loading control system and loading management system. The system is divided into three layers: field instrument, network communication and upper computer management. The skid-mounted loading station is equipped with instruments and equipments at factory. The electrical connection, system strength and air tightness test, system function test, recording test data, and the system test are qualified before leaving the factory. After delivering to loading site, the skid system can be directly put into use through simple commissioning after connecting the anchor bolt, the process pipeline, the power supply line and the communication line.

Loading arm, Batch controller, flowmeter, Static Ground Monitoring, Overflow protection level switch, Pressure transmitter with LED, Temperature transmitter with LED, Pressure safety/thermal relief valve, special high-precision control valve, emergency shutoff valve, loading pump, strainer ,ESD Valve with actuator, piping and skid frame.



· Integrated Process Automation Control system.

· ASME standard for fabrication, assembly, and testing.

· All systems are FAT (Factory Acceptance Tested) at factory.

· Save the time of operator training and start up commissioning on site.

· Reduced installation and start up time – one-stop turnkey system after arriving on site.


Main parameters:

· Monitoring loading and unloading process.

· Real-time monitoring of pressure, liquid level, temperature and flow rate, etc.

· Dynamic display of loading and unloading process parameters and equipment operation status of system.

· Facilitate remote control of valves, pumps and other equipment, online setting and modifying control parameters

· Alarm abnormal working conditions and record them for storage.

· Connect with the existing system through communication protocol, so as to facilitate the unified management of the whole production information.


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