Team building

Employee development
Taking the opportunity of carrying out in-depth study and practice of the Scientific Outlook on Development, the company earnestly studied and implemented the spirit of the Party's Seventh and Fifth Plenary Sessions of the Seventeenth Central Committee and the National Party-building Conference of State-owned Enterprises, and closely focused on the company's development strategy and central tasks. Cadres, matching teams, building teams, gathering talents, grasping the grassroots level, laying the foundation and other work, and making great efforts to strengthen the management foundation, improve the system and mechanism, and promote key work, the whole system leadership team building and talent team building has made significant progress, Continuous and effective harmonious development provides a solid organizational guarantee and talent support.
Leadership team and cadre team building
In 2010, guided by the spirit of the Fourth and Fifth Plenary Sessions of the Seventeenth Central Committee of the Party, the company focused on improving the ideological and political construction, organizational construction, work style construction, capacity building and anti-corruption construction of the leadership team. The main line of selecting people's credibility is to work hard on the "four key points" of internationalization, marketization, rejuvenation and institutionalization, and the leadership team and cadre team have achieved new results.
Focusing on the implementation of the internationalization strategy requirements of Shanghai Guanzhuo, we will vigorously strengthen the selection and training of international leaders. Adhere to the focus on broadening international horizons, cultivating strategic thinking, enhancing international management and cross-cultural communication skills, strengthening targeted training for international leaders, and selecting leaders with good language foundation and comprehensive quality to go to famous universities abroad. Participate in international business training and improve the international quality of leaders. Strengthen the management of reserve teams for international management talents, and initially establish an information base for international management and reserve talents covering different sectors, different levels and different professions, and build an international talent sharing platform of “distributed management and overall use”. Organize international management and reserve talents to test English proficiency.
Focusing on the implementation of the marketization strategy requirements of Shanghai Guanzhuo, with the team and the team. Starting from the needs of competition in the service market, we must focus on discovering people in market competition, honing people in market competition, and testing people in market competition, and effectively selecting those excellent cadres who are emancipated by ideas, broad in ideas, brave in development, and strong in market resilience. To the first line of market competition has further enhanced the market competitiveness of enterprises. We will improve and improve the leadership of the sales enterprise, and implement the issues concerning the responsibilities of the sales enterprise cadres and the party organization. Actively promote the "two-way entry and cross-employment" of the party and government of the directly affiliated enterprises, and increase the equipment deputy of the chief accountant and the refining and chemical enterprises. The professional structure of the corporate leadership team is further optimized.
Talent team building
The company firmly establishes the scientific talent concept, manages the talent capital as the core assets of the enterprise, focuses on the internationalized management talents and high-level talents, and vigorously promotes the construction of the talent team. In 2010, the company conscientiously implemented the spirit of the National Talent Work Conference and the spirit of the Central Enterprise Talent Work Conference, and held a group work meeting for talents of the group company. It comprehensively summarized the talent work of the group company since its establishment, especially in recent years, and deployed the current and future A task of talent work in a period. The preparation and promulgation of the "Shanghai Guanzhuo "Twelfth Five-Year Plan and the Outline of Talent Development Plan for the Next Decade" and the series of supporting documents have clearly defined the guiding ideology, work guidelines, objectives and tasks of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" and the construction of the talent team in the next period. Work measures.
The company actively promotes the construction of talent growth channels, so that all kinds of talents can “grow and have channels and develop space”. Adhere to the orientation of improving professional ability, based on the performance of job responsibilities, based on the assessment of performance contribution, establish a three-person talent team that is unified and standardized, adapts to management, professional technology, and skill operation, and has a position system with Sinopec characteristics. Adhere to the combination of grading and classification, quantitative and qualitative, focusing on performance and ability, and improve the selection criteria of each of the three talent teams. In 2010, we carefully studied the implementation of the talent growth channel construction and improved the salary distribution system plan, and organized some units to carry out pilot work, and achieved remarkable results. At the same time, strengthen the management of labor and employment, adjust the employment structure; fully implement the enterprise annuity system, improve the medium and long-term incentive mechanism, and enhance the vitality of the team.
The company pays attention to market-oriented, world-oriented, and future-oriented talents. It adheres to the combination of current and long-term, the combination of theory and practice, the combination of nurturing and nurturing, the combination of practical training and targeted training, and the improvement of the nurturing mechanism. The talented talent pattern. Adhere to the "post is the best training, work is the best teacher", guide talents to experience exercise in practice, growth ability, and promote the healthy growth of all types of talent. The company pays attention to the practice of cultivating talents based on post practice and cultivating talents based on major projects. In 2010, we carried out business competitions in an all-round way, and successfully held professional and technical competitions in accounting, marketing, information and other professional and technical competitions with business management and professional and technical personnel as the main body, and dozens of job types with skill operators as the main body. A group of advanced collectives and outstanding talents have emerged.
The company implements the policy of using the principle, establishes and perfects various talent selection and recruitment systems, expands the selection of outstanding talents, assigns appropriate talents to appropriate positions, and strives to achieve “the best use of talents and talents”. Focus on optimizing the allocation of internal talent resources, and coordinating key talents for key projects. Multi-channel selection and introduction of talents, and vigorously promote the internationalization of talents and localization of employment. Actively implement the “Thousand Talents Plan” for overseas high-level talents, build a green channel for overseas talents, and vigorously introduce high-level overseas talents.
The company adheres to the coordinated development of talent development and enterprise development, and fully implements the policy of respecting labor, respecting knowledge, respecting talents, and respecting creation. It adheres to the combination of career retention, treatment retention, and emotional retention, optimizes the environment for talent growth, and strengthens the common enterprise. Win, build talents to gather in the highlands. Strengthening the construction of corporate culture, creating a entrepreneurial atmosphere, strengthening effective incentives, deepening humanistic care, creating a good environment for enterprises to develop and work wholeheartedly, and form a “developing enterprise to provide a broad platform for the development of talents. The vivid situation in which talents create unlimited space for the development of enterprises.