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Gangway Tower & Column

Gangway is a device for operators at site and crews to pass through board and off-board safely in the process of oil tanker's berthing at large modern harbor. It is instead of traditional boarding device.

The oil tanker has serious jouncing, floating in higher frequency and its scope is very big during the oil tanker is moored. The problem is hard to be solved by the tanker’s own ladder because of the distance between oil tanker and the edge of dock. To speed up the loading and unloading process and to ensure the safety of the loaders and crews, it is necessary to replace own ladder with gangway tower and gangway column.  


The boarding ladder consists of a standing column, accommodation ladder and other supplementary constructions. The accommodation ladder even has the function of up and down, bending, slewing and the adjustment of the front ladder.


Mechanical or hydraulic drive system is usually used as drive system for Gangway Tower. Many kinds of safe protector can be set according to client’s requirement in order to ensure the normal work of transmission mechanism. Explosive-proof electric-device can also be used base on the flash point of the oil. 

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