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Gangway Column

Gangway Tower is a device for operators of working at site and crews to pass through board and off-board safely in the process of oil tanker's berthing at large modern harbor. It instead of traditional boarding device.

Selection guide for Gangway Tower:


The selection of Gangway Tower is mainly according to dock tonnage, tidal variation, jetty surface situation, cost performance, etc. Users must fill in the parameters form and submit to manufacturer for determining the envelope scope base on the dimension and load data of Gangway Tower.


EBL - E1 consists of main ladder, deck ladder and frame. Which is applicable of 3000DWT ~ 30000 DWT Jetty.


EBL-E2 consists of main ladder, front ladder, deck ladder, rotatable platform and upright post. Which is applicable of 5000DWT ~ 50000 DWT Jetty.


EBL-E3 consists of main ladder, front ladder, deck ladder, rotatable platform, hydraulic mechanism and upright post. Which is applicable of 10000DWT ~ 80000 DWT Jetty.


EBL-E4 consists of main ladder, front ladder, triangle ladder, rotatable platform, lifting mechanism, and tower. Rotating mechanism can go up and down along tower. Which is applicable of 20000DWT~450000 DWT Jetty..



Main features:

● Aluminium alloy hanging ladder, alterable steps mechanism

● Hydraulic control luffing and rotating system

● Wireless remote control

● Various kinds of models to satisfy with site condition


Ordering parameters of Gangway Tower






Design ship type

max T/min T

Dock elevation


Design /extreme high water level

m / m

Design/ extreme low water level

m / m

Distance between edge of jetty and center of Gangway Tower


Thickness of dock fender


Distance between datum surface of tower bottom base and dock surface


Site power

380v 50Hz 3phases 5lines

Explosive-proof grade


Control mode


Maximum design wind speed




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