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Berthing Aid System (Laser Mooring System)

With the development of big-size ship in the world ocean shipping, the jetty and jetty equipments are damaged frequently as the speed is too fast or angle is too big when the ship is berthing, so it is necessary to equiped the equipment to monitoring the mooring speed of ship. This system is used to measure the distance between ship and jetty and the speed between 0-300m during ship’s mooring, and it can supply corresponding position between ship and jetty and the mooring condition data, which help captain and pilot to lead tugboat and staffs on board and operate ship making port safely and reduce the possibility of damage of ship of jetty.

 Intelligent laser mooring system

The Laser Docking System measures the exact and real-time distance and speed data providing invaluable information to the captain or pilot when berthing a ship. The data is shown on a large display activating alarm lamps if at risk of reaching critical limits. Furthermore, the Black Box function of LDS logs the entire docking operation enabling replay to evaluate the actual incident.

As an extra feature Eminent's Laser Docking System incorporates a built-in “drift warning system” for constant measurement of ship distance to harbour.



◆ Safe system set-up with ELMS technology

◆ Enabling the system to work in case of electrical fall-out from a station or PC

◆ Customised solution for display such as height, angle option, turn table and integrated alarm

◆ Various laser versions with low/high range, tracker facility for precise measurement of ships movements at tidal waters, and various cabinets

◆ Connection to PC, PDA and pagers for onboard operation


Optional Component (Accessories):

• Oil terminals

• LNG/LPG terminals

• Other high risk terminals

• Mineral Terminals

The most reliable system Eminent’s Laser Docking System is based on our comprehensive technology of berthing combined with our own developed instruments as well as the best components from well-known manufacturers.


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