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QRH- single hook

Installed at dock, Quick release hooks are special equipments for winding and tying of ships. They are the update products of mooring dolphins. Compared with cleat, they reduce working intensity, increase working efficiency and improve safety and reliability. Quick release hook consists of integrated electrical winch and release systems. They are suitable for large tonnage ships mooring harbors that require fewer workers and quick releasing and winding of the hawser under heavy storm or other dangerous status.

The movement range of hooks:

Vertical:  -15°(MLMS  model),  -5°,0  to  45°,  55°.


Single hook unit:90°/90°

Double hook unit:90°/45° (left hook)

45°/-90° (right hook)

Triple hook unit:90°/ 45° (left hook)

45°/ -45°(Middle hook)

-45°/-90° (right hook)

Quadruple hook  unit:  Same as  Triple  hook unit.


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